TWCC: The wealthiest crocodiles on the Oasis Network!

Welcome to TWCC! an exclusive club for NFT collectors who won't settle for just anything. TWCC is a collection of 4,444 programmatically generated crocs from a pool of 70+ attributes, carefully hand picked to bring only the best of the best.

The crocodiles' style ranges from funny to wealthy! Do you like moustaches? You can have one! Maybe a digital watch? We got you covered! there is a ton of unique combinations to choose from, trust us, you will love being part of the club.

(Oh, and we lied to you, there are 4,439 programmatically generated crocs and 5 handmade, but let's keep that as a secret, shall we?)

Important: Be sure you are connected to the Emerald ParaTime network

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Each crocodile is a 800x800 PNG with transparent background, we think that this makes the art look cleaner, and you have room to personalize the scene behind your crocodile! Isn't that interesting? We know it is!

TWCC lives on the Oasis Network / Emerald ParaTime (more info here ), this network allows 1,000s of transactions per second, hence gas fees are cheap, REALLY cheap. (We are wealthy but who doesn't like cheap gas fees?)

The total amount of crocodiles is capped at 4,444 FOREVER!. TWCC owners: be sure that our smart contract will keep the supply protected, your crocodile is (and will be) unique forever!

Why get an NFT and be part of TWCC?

NFTs are digital collectibles living on the blockchain, this means that you own the assets forever or until you sell it to someone else (and make a profit in the process, why not?).

People buy NFTs for a lot of reasons:

  • To flip them and make a profit
  • To grow their collection
  • To be part of a community
  • To support their favorite artist
  • To make history!

TWCC is not the first NFT project out there and we know it, but we are pioneers on the Oasis Network / Emerald ParaTime blockchain (and the art is cool, isn't it?), we can't ask for more!

So who knows? maybe you will meet great persons behind these crocodiles one day, maybe you will mint 1 of our 5 special handmade crocodiles, maybe the price of your crocodile goes up and you make a good profit, the possibilities are endless!

TWCC philosophy

We are an art project.

We want to stick to the artistic philosophy of NFTs. We believe art needs to be appreciated and not exploited, we want the community to set the price of every piece of our collection after mint by themselves, we won't interfere between the collection and the collectors.


Click the "mint" button above if you already have the Emerald network connected with MetaMask .

If you haven't added the Emerald network to your MetaMask wallet yet don't worry, click the floating widget and metamask will display a confirmation window to automatically add the network. Be sure that the network information is the same that the one shown here.

After that click the widget again and you will be ready to mint your crocodile!

To send ROSE to your MetaMask wallet follow this tutorial

You can admire your crocodiles on your gallery. Marketplace integration soon!

More info soon!